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The Community Innovation Center is a public maker space, an entrepreneurship center, a proving ground for invention and exploration, and the ultimate creative space. Like a traditional library in the sense that it provides accessibility and resources for learning and creativity, the Community Innovation Center (CIC) also provides the tools and human capital for fostering active creation, as well as the knowledge.

In addition to tools, the CIC provides community residents with the shared training and resources to become active and empowered creators of their futures instead of passive consumers – of food, clothing, tools, toys, furniture, books, magazines, games, gadgets and more. The list is endless because the possibilities are endless.

 Community Innovation Center Program Partnership

2013 logoLearning is for Everyone (LI4E)  creates engaging experiential learning opportunities in the sciences and arts for people of all ages and backgrounds, in all communities and ofseal all socioeconomic levels.  Our goal is to inspire a culture changing, lifelong love of learning that will help people live intentionally, meaningfully, productively and successfully in the 21st century.

John F. Germany Library is the flagship of the Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library System since its doors opened to the public in 1968. Together, we’ve created the the Community Innovation Center at John F. Germany Library , our keystone program for creating that positive change.

With strong business and community relationships Learning is for Everyone has the learning management expertise, and networking and community education experience to organize and operate Community Innovation Centers.

Collaborating with Learning is for Everyone maximizes community outreach in a powerful, cost-effective, mutually beneficial way, helping collaborating organizations meet their mission and goals of empowering residents through knowledge and skills development, and providing the added value of solid economic development.

Central to the Community Innovation Center is hobby and entrepreneurial development and group co-working space, “open make” opportunities for people to work on their own projects, and a TechMasters Center where people can come for tech support and guidance.

The Community Innovation Center  enhances economic development in the community and provide unique and enduring capacity building for area residents, and offer a precedent setting model of 21st century learning and living in Tampa Bay, in Florida and beyond.

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